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We Build Click Funnels

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Tatem Web Design LLC. can build and manage your click funnel campaigns. Click Funnels are time consuming and complicated to the every day business owner. It will require someone who can build and manage the click funnels campaign correctly.

Get More Customers

So now they are interested. You want them to take an action. What makes that next action. You andt them to click on a call to action button. This requires different and unique circumstances. Obvious instances are that they have a cat. Have you shown them something they think they want, or even have to have. Convey a must have and it will bring you a new customer.  Lets talk about your company and how we can create you click funnels to get you business.

Click Funnels Video

Make More Sales

If the click funnel is about a cat nip toy, you may see a very funny video clip of a cat meant to catch your attention. Take that millisecond of attention and have your viewer take an action. The action would be to click on a Call to Action button. A Call To Action Button can be shop, buy, learn more, contact, call, any action that will make a person move forward in the journey you are going to lead them on to close them, make a sale, or bring them on as a client.

A new way of doing business on the internet.

Its not just about creating a website. Your website need to be more than just a brochure. It needs to be a selling tool. It needs to guide your customers until they hit the buy or call or contact button and follow through. Tatem Web Design creates your click funnels and sales funnels.

Click Funnels

What is a click funnel and how does it work?

A click funnel usually originates as an ad on social media like facebook or instagram or linkedin. A click funnel acts something like this. First, it grabs you in the very first second you see it. There is something that catches your attention. This can be a picture, or a video or a quote or something surpirsing or shocking or just something interesting.


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