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718.111(12)(g), Florida Statutes

  • By July 1, 2018, an association with 150 or more units which does not manage timeshare units shall post digital copies of the following official records on its website:
    • The recorded declaration of condominium of each condominium operated by the association and each amendment to each declaration.
    • The recorded bylaws of the association and each amendment to the bylaws.
    • The articles of incorporation of the association, or other documents creating the association, and each amendment thereto. The copy posted pursuant to this sub-subparagraph must be a copy of the articles of incorporation filed with the Department of State.
    • The rules of the association.
    • Any management agreement, lease, or other contract to which the association is a party or under which the association or the unit owners have an obligation or responsibility. Summaries of bids for materials, equipment, or services must be maintained on the website for 1 year.
    • The annual budget required by s. 718.112(2)(f) and any proposed budget to be considered at the annual meeting.
    • The financial report required by subsection (13) and any proposed financial report to be considered at a meeting.
    • The certification of each director required by s.718.112(2)(d)4.b.
    • All contracts or transactions between the association and any director, officer, corporation, firm, or association that is not an affiliated condominium association or any other entity in which an association director is also a director or officer and financially interested.
    • Any contract or document regarding a conflict of interest or possible conflict of interest as provided in ss. 468.436(2) and 718.3026(3).
    • The notice of any unit owner meeting and the agenda for the meeting, as required by s. 718.112(2)(d)3., no later than 14 days before the meeting. The notice must be posted in plain view on the front page of the website, or on a separate subpage of the website labeled “Notices” which is conspicuously visible and linked from the front page. The association must also post on its website any document to be considered and voted on by the owners during the meeting or any document listed on the agenda at least 7 days before the meeting at which the document or the information within the document will be considered.
    • Notice of any board meeting, the agenda, and any other document required for the meeting as required by s.718.112(2)(c), which must be posted no later than the date required for notice pursuant to s. 718.112(2)(c).
  • The association shall ensure that the information and records described above, which are not permitted to be accessible to unit owners, are not posted on the association’s website.
  • If protected information or information restricted from being accessible to unit owners is included in documents that are required to be posted on the association’s website, the association shall ensure the information is redacted before posting the documents online.
  • The website must be:
    • An independent website or web portal wholly owned and operated by the association;
    • A website or web portal operated by a third-party provider with whom the association owns, leases, rents or otherwise obtains the right to operate a web page, subpage, web portal, or collection of subpages or web portals dedicated to the association’s activities and on which required notices, records, and documents may be posted by the association;
  • The association’s website must be accessible through the Internet and must contain a subpage, web portal, or other protected electronic location that is inaccessible to the general public and accessible only to unit owners and employees of the association.
  • Upon the unit owner’s written request, the association must provide the unit owner with a username and password and access to the protected sections of the association’s website that contain any notices, records, or documents that must be electronically provided.


Condo Owners Association Website Design Boca Raton

Condo Association Tatem Web Design Boca Raton


Professional Condo Owners Association Websites in Boca Raton Florida

Tatem Web World can design your new Condo Owners Association website for your community, with features an Condo Owners Association Website needs to serve the comminity.  Tatem Web World can also redesign your Condo Owners Association website for your community, with features an Condo Owners Association Website needs to serve the comminity such as a password protected member section, an image gallery, news and events, social media and many other featgures an Condo Owners Association website can benefit from. 

Tatem Web Experience with Condo Owners Association Websites

Tatem Web World has many years of experience building and managing Condo Owners Association websites. Tatem Web World can manage all the content and all new updates on your Condo Owners Association website.  Tatem Web World also offers training on your Condo Owners Association website so you can manage it.  Contact us today to take over your Condo Owners Association website at 772-224-8118

Tatem Web Condo Owners Association Website Management

Condo Owners Association Websites management in Boca Raton Florida

If you are an Condo Owners Association community in Boca Raton Florida with a community website that needs management, you have come to the right place. Condo Owners Association websites need monthly and quarterly updates and we are the team to handle all your Condo Owners Association updates. Tatem Web Design manages your Condo Owners Association community website. Condo Owners Association monthly updates for the website.  A simple email to Tatem Web Design and then we take care of the rest. Condo Owners Association communities have monthly meetings and information that needs to be added to the website so the community has access to up to date information.

Tatem Web Condo Owners Association clients can rest assured that updates and changes are completed when you send them to us. Usually within a 24 hour turnaround, your new content will be added to your Condo Owners Association website.

If you are an Condo Owners Association community, you may have a website the needs to move to a new location.. We can move your Condo Owners Association website onto our servers and manage your website.  We offer 24/7 support and you have access to your hosting account.  You can also move your domain name onto the same account so all aspects of your Condo Owners Association website reside in one place.  Tatem Web Design offers affordable solutions for Condo Owners Association community websites.  Contact us at 772-224-8118 to discuss your Condo Owners Association website.


If your Condo Owners Association website is in need of major changes we offer the following services:

  • Tatem Web Hosting
    Tatem web can move your website onto our servers for 24/7 support. We manage your website so you will be in time with information to your Condo Owners Association community.
  • Condo Owners Association Website Updates
    Updates and changes are completed when you send them to us.
    Cost effective management is what Tatem Web design offers.
  • Redesign
    Tatem Web World will review of your current website what your needs are and send a written price quote.
  • Mobil
    If  your website is not Mobil Friendly you may want to add this feature to your existing website.  We will give you the options to get you there and send a written price quote.
  • Members section login
    Based on what you want your member section to include we will send a written price quote.
  • System Updates
    Security is crucial to the safety of your websites.  Tatem Web design offers system upgrade maintenance to keep your website and your components up to date.
  • Members only documents section
    Many Condo Owners Association websites have a back end that allows only members to see. Tatem Web can build a password protected section for your website, or mange the existing system.
  • Cost
    Tatem Web rates start as low as $50 a month for Condo Owners Association website Updates.

  • System Updates
    Many Condo Owners Association communities find themselves trying to manage their own Condo Owners Association website. WordPress and Joomla require monthly systems updates to maintain the system security. Leaving your system updates unattended to can leave your website open to attack.

Condo Owners Association website design West Pam Beach Florida

Condo Owners Association Website Management

Many Condo Owners Association managers find they have to rely on a community member to update their websites, and they find themselves frustrated by the member. Tatem Web can keep your community website professional with timely updates and changes in a timely fashion. Cost effective management is what Tatem Web design offers.

Additional Features that can be added to your Condo Owners Association Website

  • Social Media
  • Community images
  • Image galleries
  • Sales center with a community bulletin board
  • Ecommerce
  • Homes showcase for sale and rent homes
  • Condo Owners Association Packages
  • 5 page info only website
  • Members section
  • Condo Owners Association social media
  • Condo Owners Association image gallery
  • Condo Owners Association community images

Contact us at 772-224-8118 to discuss your Condo Owners Association website design and management.

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