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Social Media Marketing

Tatem Web Design LLC. offers social media marketing campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram in West Palm Beach Florida.

Looking For A Social Media Marketing Agency In West Palm Beach

Tatem Web Design LLC. has been doing Social Media Marketing in the West Palm Beach area for over 15 years and can offer your business or organization amazing social media marketing services. We can create your social media pages and also create social media posting camapaigns. Information about your products and services should be being shared today via social media networks and social media marketing. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I want my company or products to be on top of the social media marketing plan, and shift it to my companies advantage?” OR "Do I do nothing at all?".

With over 90% of U.S. companies engaged in one form or another of social media marketing you need to be involved in it to. There are a lot of reasons for this upward moving trend, since social media marketing campaigns can put your service or business in front of millions of active users.

We post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Wordpress

Grow leads and sales to your online business
Boost your qualified online traffic to give results
Help you to be more visible in the social media markets
Promote your online brand in a positive manner
Build a loyal community of followers for your company
Social Media Marketing

Integrating Social Media Into Your Company

Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization starts with incorporating social media into your overall marketing strategy. It’s all about integration. Tatem Web Design LLC. will develop a customized social media strategy to meet your company’s needs, and make sure it’s fully integrated with your Search and PPC campaigns. We’ll expand your reach through blogs, social networks and online communities, forums, widgets and video media, and free you to focus on other aspects of your business while allowing us to do what we do best. Social Media Marketing...

Robust Traffic Generation Through Social Media Sites

Social Bookmarking sites and Social Media Networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook prove to be invaluable tools to for branding as well as sales. Tatem Web Design’s Social Media Marketing campaigns will develop a complete strategy to produce high-quality content that social media users will love, value, and follow. These Social Media Marketing campaigns will drive traffic to your website and gain your website real fans and followers by making your company an authority figure in your industry. Contact us today so we can develop the right Social Media Marketing plan that will best fit your companies needs. We have the expertise and professional team to help you deliver your information to your consumer base using high quality Social Media Marketing campaigns.

We Post To Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube

If you doubted the connection between search and social media, then consider the deal that Twitter and Facebook joined up with Google. Your latest Twitter results now show up on Google search results, making an even bigger case for Twitter to be an essential tool for you to engage your audience and build a conversation with the people that matter. Tatem Web Design can be your social media marketing company and will not only create your company’s Twitter profile and design the background, but we will teach you how to use Twitter internally for members in your company to release news and events and also to target your prospects. Tatem Web Design can also do all of your tweeting and follower building for you. We post to all major social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, twitters, youtube, LinkedIn, and even your Wordpress blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Ready to get started?

Thank you for taking the time to get to know what Tatem Web Design's Social Media Marketing Services are all about. Give us a call at 772-224-8118 or send us an email right now to take the first steps in dominating the social media landscape. We will be here every step of the way and will help you love the social space.

Social Media Marketing FAQ

We create ads for all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Our ads are tailored to your business, service or product and the ads are creative and unique. We use the idea to drive traffic to your website. We get them curious and get them coming!

Tatem Web Design LLC runs detailed weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly reports showing the complete progress of the social media campaigns we are running for you. You will also receive the social media statistics in each of your accounts showing the ads running, the likes, and the total users shares. This is where you will get to see the ultimate ROI conversion from visitor to customer.

Yes, Tatem Web Design LLC does use Hootsuite to create social media marketing campaigns that post to multiple social media platforms all at one time. Our social media campaigns can be customized to your budget by the amount of posting and the social media budget you allow for your social media platforms. If you are currently trying to do Hootsuite youself and need some one to take over, we can also take over your existing campaigns.

Some of the most important ways Tatem Web Design LLC can gain views and followers to your campaigns is directly related to the content we create for the campaigns, sharing that content on social media and making it compelling to the viewer. If we are posting your images they will be the most informative and eye-catching images with great sharp resolution. We use both video and still images in social media campaigns.

Our social media scheduling software tool Hootsuite, allows us to post to multiple social media platforms on a schedule. We can schedule many posts in a day or over the course of a week to cover all your social media platforms with multiple posts and ads running at the same time on all of them.

Tatem Web Design LLC will can create business pages for all of your social media accounts if you do not have them already. We will then begin posting to your new social media pages on your plans scheduled basis. You can chose the best posts with the most likes  for us to boost or promote during the camapigns. The SMM campaigns we run are always discussed with our clients and the budget is agreed upon before we begin the campaign.

By setting meaningful social media marketing goals and researching your target audience, Tatem Web Design LLC can establish new followers on your social media platforms. This intern becomes new customers brought to your website from your social media profiles and pages. We will analyze your competition and create engaging posting content. We assess your results and optimize your campaign to reach your more of your target audience.

Social Media marketing requires a consistent ability to understand the social media market, posting every day and target marketing with posts to reach a specific audience takes a ton of time and work. It has progressed from just a simple Facebook post and now requires the professionals. At Tatem Web Design LLC we are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Social Media marketing to run powerful social media campaigns that get results.

At Tatem Web Design we understand that every business is not the same and does not have the same budget. We have four social media marketing plans to choose from. We offer a free Social Media Markleting Plan consultation to go over what accounts you have now, what you need us to create, and what your monthly budget is. For those that want turning up the volume on traffic we recommend our highest plans with aggressive social media marketing campaigns  for posting to all your social media platforms.

Yes, Tatem Web Design LLC will need access to all your social media accounts in order for us to post to them. You can assign us as an admin to most of the accounts so you do not have to give us your password. We our own accounts to access your accounts for posting and to manage your social media pages if needed. If we creating new social media pages we then need access directly to your social media accounts to setup the new pages we are creating.