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Having a website is very important if someone plans on expanding, and showing professionalism. Most people determine within the first 4-6 seconds if they want to stay on the site or not. It's imperative that the site works smoothly, looks sleek, and is easy to navigate through. Web design is time costly, and with professional help, your site could be on the top of search engine results. Having your site on the top of search engine results is essential to a successful website.

Before moving on, here are some answers to common questions about why someone should have a website and why it's important for a professional to build one for you.

Why is having a website important?

  • Promote business 
  • Market products
  • Sales
  • Runs 24/7
  • Convenient
  • Trust
  • Builds impression

Why is hiring an experienced professional web designer the best route for you?

  • Professional tools
  • Less stress
  • Compatibility with latest mobile devices
  • Reliability
  • Faster website
  • Professional first impression
  • More likely to show on google (SEO)
  • Saves time
  • More affordable then you think

Five key components come to play when looking at how a website should be designed.  

Triggering Attention 

Most of the time the best thing for a website is something that triggers the reader’s attention - whether it be a logo, color scheme, photo, or unique user interface. This way, the reader is more likely to remember the site, one day coming back to it. Triggering attention also helps with making the reader stay once they've entered your site.

Usually, a logo is the what has to come out as most attractive on the site, and it must be presented multiple times. The color of the site should represent the logo; you don't want a tacky site. Many people use simple words for a logo, if one hasn't been created of you yet, our professional design team can make one for you.


Content is anything that fills the site. Content not only fill's the website, it providers the reader with the information they come for. A step from filling the site, it makes it look more immaculate and persuades the reader that you may be superior. You don't want content to overfill the page however, it can overwhelm the reader and force them to leave. Using images will help fill space and make the site look better. Content has to be placed in a position that is comfortable for the reader to scan through. Following standard websites are advised.  Most website go by standard three column design, but sometimes it's harmless to step out of those boundaries. Professionals can easily step out of those boundaries. Making your site on top of the list.

Content to avoid in a website

  • Lack of color
  • Simple logo
  • Flashing
  • Popup\ad overload
  • Funky font
  • Slow reaction speed
  • Inability to search content
  • Unstable content position
  • Boring design


A site must be molded around the combination of content and a trigger. Colors, content position, images, and the header relates the presentation. The first presentation of the website must be brilliant to the reader, so it is more likely to be remembered and viewed again. As I stated in the beginning; a typical reader decides within 4-6 seconds if they want to stay on that specific site or not. Some sites have a first time introduction, but sometimes it can be irritating to the reader. However, having tags and helpful hints to help the user navigate through the website smoothly. Our professional team cover everything needed to build a website perfectly.

Crucial layout components

  • User Interface
  • Color
  • Logo
  • Speed
  • Filling content


The flow of the website very important. The reader must have a search tool, and a context menu to overlook all the resources the website offers. The flow process must be speedy, and without error. If a customer is presented with too many errors, or if the website is running slowly, they are more likely to leave due to distrust in the website. Remember, the site directly represents the company\organization. Professionals know how to best organize a website to work effectively for any user, on any device. Making the site mobile and tablet friendly is a necessity, due to the increasingly number of people using mobile devices to surf the web. It also makes you look more professional, because only updated sites have this feature.



 Most people don’t find websites through local advertisement anymore (however it is still effective). Most advertisement is through search engines. SEO (or Search Engine Optimizations) is guideline rules set by a search engine provider to identify the site better during a search. The more SEO guidelines the site follows, the higher the site will be on the list; which, in turn, increases traffic and business. However, because SEO is changed prosaically, the site has to be optimized accordingly. Our professional web team knows how to update your site every time SEO changes, and sometimes with can be done inexpensively.

 Build Value

The website builds value with the readers. Due to it directly representing the company/organization it represents, if the flow is smooth, errorless, and presents itself correctly, the reader is more likely to utilize the service they went directly to the site for. This creates trust within the reader, making them more likely to return for that same very service. In turn it creates rapport with the reader, and the reader is likely to speak out about the website and its services.

What you don’t want

  • Busy or complex layouts
  • Pop-up advertisements and flamboyant ads
  • Small print that’s hard to read
  • Boring web design/lack of color
  • Slow website intros and load time

Ultimately it's important to have a professional help you build, or optimize your website to today's standards. These are just the basics of the web design world. Surly this can help you understand the importance of having a website, and more importantly making sure that site is monitored by professionals. Otherwise it can cost a lot more time, and money; which could potentially be bad for you, and your business.

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