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What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process to put your name into the world. High traffic through search engines will show your intentions, making your site more reachable and on the top of search engine results; which in turn gives you more traffic. Someone can look at SEO like a popularity competition. The more popular, and attractive your site is to the search engine, more likely you'll be on top.

Search engines such as GoogleBing, and Yahoo have specific algorithms that rank your site according to other sites in its field. The better your site follows the algorithm, the better it will do on search engine results.

5 Things are important when looking at SEO

  • Words matter - When a search engine reviews your page it scans every word. The most popular words are the titles and subtitles. Make sure not for forget about headlining the titles. For every site, article, page or blog, there is specific keywords. The keyword are words a search engine uses to identify your site when that words is searched by a user. You can spot a keyword by looking at the most popular words of that site. Create a ranking for your keywords and use the ones on the top first. The search engine also scans to make sure the site is easy to read for the reader. Also, it is critical that you do not use the keyword too much as it will make the site look like spam to the search engine.
  • Titles matter - Search engines pay a lot of attention to the title; because it should represent what that specific page is all about. The title should be easy to see, and very closely describing what it represents. Always try to include the keyword, it is essential.  

  • Webpage links - Links matter. Having other quality sites linking to your site looks like a recommendation to the search engine. Not only do links on other sites help yours, but putting links on your site to a mature, more popular site can help deliver more traffic.

  • Words in links - Make sure to include in the link what that specific link is about. Not just random link that brings the user back to your site, as it will look like spam.

  • Maturity - Some sites that have a consistent record in new and expanding content may be considered a mature site, making it the most popular when it comes to search engine results. 

It doesn't take a lot to be SEO compliant, however it does take a lot of time, and your site may not be on the top without professional help. With professional help your website can look clean, be on the top of search engine results, and turn in customers for profit.

SEO content must be relevant for the reader. It can't be complicated to read just because you want to be compliant. Putting too much keywords wont only make your site look like spam, but it will cutler your readers mind with the same word making the reading more stressful then it should be.

Don't forget about spreading the word of your site on social websites. Social websites have high churn, so the more the site is shared, the more likely to be higher on search engine results.

Social Media Sites include

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Youtube

SEO is the most important tool to get people to discover and utilize your website. Not using proper SEO management can forge your site into a mess and can block you from getting the full potential of your site, and in turn, your business.



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