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Building a website is one thing, but what is the best, and most secure way to host that website for the world to see? How fast do you want your site to be presented? How many visitors are you expecting? What kind of tools do you want your site to have?

The answers to the questions above should not only help you determine what kind of web hosting your web site requires, but it can also help you succeed with building the best possible site you can accomplish. Web hosting is the process of choosing how your website will be presented to the world and there are a lot of way to host your site. It can be done for free, with limitations, or can be at a cost with unlimited possibilities.

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Three major steps are required to host your site

Web hosting is where you choose how your website will be presented to the world. It can be accomplished with limitations, or you can pay for more root access. Web hosting will allow you to have space for you to install programs and run your site.

Different types of web hosting services include

Free Web Hosting Service - Offered by online companies with limitations. Usually accompanied with advertisements. This type of service is very simple with very little choice of a Domain name. However, if you plan on having a lot of traffic or using this site for business use, I would not recommend using a free hosting service. It can be dangerous for your company’s privacy and won't be sufficient enough if you plan on having actual traffic.

Shared Web Hosting Service - Web hosting on the same servers as other sites; generally, from a few sites to hundreds of smaller ones. With a shared server it is typical that the websites use the same pool or server resources. Utilizing the RAM and CPU across any different web sites. Because of this the sites are limited to software and sometimes even updates. The format and programing for all the sites are typically the same on a shared network. Also keep away because everything is being shared across the servers’ load time and storage space may be limited, which is crucial when looking to create a successful website.

Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting - This allows the website client to become a web host themselves. A reseller is more dedicated to the websites they are overlooking. Reseller hosting is where a reseller sells added services, usually providing web design and management services for the client. This way the hosting, management, design, and/or completion of the site is handled mostly by the reseller. This is typically the best option for people looking to build a professional site. Generally, the web host repackages many different services and sells them whole. This allows anyone to buy a full package deal for a web site design, saving them time and money.

Virtual Dedicated Server - It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This is when you rent an entire server. It’s needed for people who have very high traffic to their websites or who need to set up a server in a very specific way. Resellers usually work though a VDS.

dedciated web hosting

Dedicated Hosting Service - This service allows the customer full control of the server, with root access. Typically, the user doesn't own the server, making the client of the server responsible for security and maintenance of that specific server. This is usually a less costly option, but requires more work by the user.

Managed Hosting Service - This type of service doesn't allow the client to have root access to the server, disallowing them to change root commands or programs so that the provider of the server can guarantee quality of service. The user won't be able to change configuration settings or have the ability of modifying the server. This service is typically leased to the client.

Cloud Hosting – A fairly new form a of hosting platform that allows the user to host their site remotely on a platform that is paid for the space used versus paying for a determined amount of space. A cloud based site is considered more reliable because cloud hosting is decentralized. Unfortunately, however this type of service normally doesn't show where the data is being stored, potentially creating privacy or security concerns.

Site files

These are files the customer will have loaded onto your computer through your hosting server to complete the look of the website. These files will almost always be in standard format, like JPEG and MP3. Also includes the PHP script and/or html files. It is important to keep the site files organized so the server doesn't have to go through too many files to build the page. If it's not organized the server won't be able to send the information as quickly as it should, making your customer waiting longer which is one of the main reasons customers leave a site.

Also keep in mind that depending on the hosting server you must watch your storage cap. You don’t want to fully load your site because it will be slow and won’t be able to gather more information. This is the last thing that you would want as it would look very unprofessional.

Domain Names

Web Hosting

Computer communicate using IP addresses to contact each other. Every site has a specific IP address to identify them correctly; kind of like a phone number. The Domain Name of the website acts like a contact in your phone. When you type in the website name into the browser correctly, it will identify the IP address of that website allowing you to visit the page.

Without a Domain Name clients will have to access your site strictly though your IP address; which is typically not a good idea. Luckily professional web designers can help you set up a Domain name to match your company name so you can be easily found.

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