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Dr. Durante

Dr. Durante

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Objective: Wordpress Website Redesign, SEO and Website Promotion campaign for an Eye Doctor in Treasure Coast Mall.

Tatem Web Design -- Took over this clients wordpress based website and gave it a new facelift and redesign. The client had hired another company out of Texas intially to build out the website and do their SEO and website promotion camapaigns. After months of getting no results Dr. Duratnte turned to Tatem Web Design LLC, to take over the project. Within 2 weeks of taking on the contract we had redesigned their website and gotten them listed on the 1st page of Google and Bing.

The project took about 14 days to redevelop their website into the new design they have now. The client was so impressed by our search engine optimization that they hired us for another 6 months and also hired us to manage their pay per click campaigns. The clients business is now booming and they have told us on many occasions that they could not be happier with our results and professionalism.