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Has Your Website Been Hacked? We Can Help you fix hacked websites and secure websites from future hacking attacks

Tatem Website Design offers website security for Malware, email spamming, ddos attacks, phishing, and website hackings – there are surely some nasty people out there on the internet coming from all over the world. And no, they don’t always go for hacking government websites (no matter how much they want to hack ‘The Man’), they go for small businesses. Why? Because government sites have powerful firewalls and protection that stops all but the most dedicated evil masterminds intent on world domination. But most small business websites have a wide open door that invites in any old ‘basement’ hacker with an ISP and too much time on their hands. Not having the right defensive website software is the online equivalent of leaving the key to the front door under a plant pot! Your website may be many things, but it isn’t 100% hacker proof – no software or website is, no matter what they may claim. If there were any such thing as an ‘un-hackable’ website, we would all be using it! So occasionally, a determined, high-end hacker will get through your small business websites defences and into your website system. When that happens, you want to unleash the digital guard dogs, chase the hacker out, and then shut and lock that door quickly so that they can’t get back in. That’s where Tatem Web Design can help. Consider us as your digital hacker guard dogs, but with opposable thumbs and a superior line in online security techniques

Our Website Security Experts Keep Hackers Out

Our Website Security Experts will go to work on the website hackers securing your website from future website malware and hacking attacks.

If you've been the victim of an online attack, Tatem Web Design can come in and de-hack your website. Our website security experts clean your web hosting account and website system and do a full system sweep for any hidden Trojans lurking in your website. And if we find any hacks or malware added to your website, we will clean the damage fill and fix them with clean uninfected files. Our website security experts seek out the hackers malware, bugs, and worms that may have been injected by the hackers and remove them from the website server and the website software. If we can we'll backtrack to the source and block them so that they can not try to attack your website again at a later date.

The website security features we put in place keep you and your online business safe. And if your customers are purchasing online, we make sure that their details are secure too using SSL Security tools for protecting you, your business and your websites reputation. We specialize in all website platforms like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal that are using open source solutions, but if you're using an alternative operating system then we can still help with your website security.

If you'd like us to be your business or organizations online security experts in South Florida, Stuart, Palm City, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and West Palm Beach areas and keep the undesirables, malware and hackers out then please contact us today to schedule a free website consultation to address your websites security needs.

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