Palm Beach Car Wash

Palm Beach Car Wash

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Objective: Build Professional Wordpress Car Wash Website Palm Beach Car Wash

Palm Beach Car Wash in West Palm Beach Florida:
Tatem Web Design created an expandable Wordpress based CMS system to be able to encompass the many car wash services offered by the company. We integrated an online car wash booking solution for users to be able to book their car wash appointments online. We also did a custom design template so that it professional represents the Car Washes look and feel in West Palm Beach.

The client supplied the logo and the company colors to create the website. The Health Care Management website is fully expandable and Tatem Web Design trained the client to be able manage their content and job applications that are stored to a local database on the web hosting.

Website Design: Yes

Website Forms: Yes

Responsive Design: Yes

Website Hosting: Yes

We handle all website updates and wordpress plugin updates and system updates.

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