eCommerce Product Description Fundamentals: Writing Copy That Sells

Are you guilty of creating copy-and-paste product descriptions on your eCommerce site? Chances are the answer is yes. And if you have, you’re not only putting your site at risk of being penalised for duplicate content, you’re also guilty of providing potential buyers with a lackluster reason to convert on your site.

The product description is the last piece of the puzzle. It’s the copy that gets users to turn from browsers into buyers and inspires them to add the item to their cart and check out. But, what does a great product description look like (and how can you create your own)?

We’re answering these questions and more in our product description fundamentals below!

Begin With the Basics

First and foremost a product description is there to communicate the key details of your product or service. And as such, you should consider the basics of each offer to understand what must be included in each description.

This includes key details such as:

Specifications – This includes numbers like dimensions, weight, materials, ingredients, and other vital information. What’s Included – Offer information on what comes with your product or offer. This should include details on accessories, parts, batteries, etc. Warranty/Returns/Guarantees – Offer guarantees, warranty information, and return policy instructions so buyers know everything they need to before hitting the “Add to Cart” button. Production – Increasingly, buyers care about where products are made. Make sure this critical detail is always included.

Break Up the Copy

As you can tell from the bullets above, your product description (even at the most basic level) includes countless key details that buyers will be on the lookout for. As such, you can’t hide these details in lengthy paragraphs or an unattractive format. If you do, buyers may just abandon the page rather than take the time to hunt for the information they want.

The best way to structure the copy is to break it up into bullet points for the most basic details (weight, dimensions, where the product was made, what’s included) and use paragraphs to paint a picture driven by each customer’s pain points, wants, and needs.

Of course, no product description is complete without high-quality images or a product video. In fact, you may just want to add a video considering that viewers are between 64% to 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching.

A Fundamental Formula Worth Following

Depending on the size of your eCommerce store, you may have anywhere from a handful to hundreds of product descriptions to write. And as such, having a go-to formula for creating product descriptions that resonate with buyers, boost SEO, and increase conversions is essential.

For the best results, use the following formula:

Descriptive, emotion-driven paragraphs Bulleted list of basic details Call-to-action button to “Add to Cart”

The best part is that manufacturer descriptions often give you the basics of what you need to know. This means it’s up to you to paint a picture based off your buyer personas and the benefits (not features) of your offers to inspire a sale.

Make Your Product Descriptions Matter

All too often, eCommerce storeowners are in a hurry and copy and paste product descriptions to finish their site, and fast! But when great product descriptions matter for rankings, conversions, and the future of your business, spending a few minutes on each seems like a worthwhile investment.

If you’re not confident in your writing abilities or just don’t have time to create your own stellar descriptions, Adonis Media can help! Contact a member of our team today for custom product descriptions carefully crafted to convert leads and generate sales for your business!

Key Takeaways

Unique product descriptions boost your site’s SEO (unique, longer content), resonate with buyers, and are known to increase conversion rates. Each product description should include basic details like specifications, what’s included with a purchase, information about the warranty and return policy, and where the product was made. Breaking up your copy into paragraphs, bullet points, photos, and videos is a great way to engage potential buyers and inspire them to make a purchase. The best way to create a product description is to begin with compelling, emotion-driven paragraphs, use bullet points for key specifications, and include the call-to-action (“Add to Cart”) button at the bottom of the page.

Now it’s your turn: How do you create exceptional product descriptions that inspire customers to convert? Share your best practices in the comments below!

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