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Major social media sites like Twitter, Linkedin ,Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and even StumbleUpon are one of few who are almost always the topshipping carrier relationshipphotodune 5816123 customer service concept in word cloud xs stake in search engine results. To have a successful web page generating clean traffic daily for your business is imperative in today's business market to have proper social media integration. Social media matters when it comes to SEO; liking, sharing, posting, and linking a page to your site can potentially boost traffic and sales. Not only due to the fact that people can now easily post your site on their social webpage, but because it also gives you a better ranking with search engines as well.

Unfortunately, however, Google has claimed that their algorithm ignores such social signals. This is due to the fact that most sites do not have complete control over fake accounts and the rankings based on that account; meaning someone can pay for more likes/followers and potentially have their social webpage more valuable than yours. However, other search engine providers; like Bing and Yahoo!, do claim that their algorithm's do in fact look at social ranking and it plays a big deal to them.

However, this is not the only reason why it is important for SEO to oversee social integration.

Things to look at in social integration

Social Sites are a great way to get the word around

Most people may not search your specific keyword in a web search, but they can run into your social webpage. This is now a world of social media. Advertisement can be free, and it's all done through social integration. So many people have social webpage’s. Many of those people are on browsing, scrolling, and searching all the time. It doesn't cost anything but time for you to share a post to the world. It can be seen by hundreds, or even thousands if done right. One thing to remember is to have links from your site to your social webpage and links from your social webpage to your site.

Social media sites also give you an option to add a way to contact or find your business. This is good because most people will very likely look off of Google or Facebook for a way to find you.

Most social sites have a built in search engine

Not only that but most of all major social media sites have their own custom results and sometimes can show results straight from Google. This is why it is imperative to make sure everything posted is worded correctly and there is enough information displayed immediately to the reader on that social webpage. Using keywords used on your website is also important as it will boost your social webpage ranking. This will help your site rise to the top as well.

Facebook has about one billion searches per day done in the search box. One of those searches with your keyword can potentially bring a customer to you. The more times someone is sent to your site from a social media webpage it boosts your credibility with that site and can potentially bring you to the top of that keyword result.

At this point it is acceptable to assume that hashtags (#) are considered very important when a website has a search engine that utilizes hashtags.

Creates a relationship with the consumer

Having a social media background for your site is very important, and could be the main reason for your customers arriving at the site. Most traffic will have a more personal level with a specific company just because of the posts and the way the company is socially integrated into the social community. Most people believe social media is the best way to contact or brag about a product or opinion.

It is important to gain more followers. Search engines scan constantly to see if you’re keeping links social pages up to date with fresh content. It’s not good to have low-quality followers (Followers paid for) as you’ll not only get penalized by the social engine, but also on the search engine as well. Make certain to have a constant gain of followers. Also it is important to interact with your followers and encourage them to share your post.

What if they have a good relationship with your company?

Word of mouth is the best type of advertisement. Not only is it free, but it works. People are more inclined to work with a company if someone they spoke to about the company/product has a positive review towards it. For instance; a person is more inclined to want to know more about a specific product if their friend recommended them to it verse if you walk up and tell them a summary about it. It's just how the world works, and with appropriate social integration consumers can see reviews, find customer support, buy products and spread the word with no extra cost to yourself.





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