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How to SEO Optimize the 4 Most Important Website Pages

Not all pages on your site are created equal. And while you probably know this already, do you know which pages are most important and what you should do to each to attract potential customers and increase conversions?

Chances are you don’t. And really, you aren’t to blame. On eCommerce sites (maybe yours included), there are sometimes hundreds of pages, each of which you consider to be important (and truly, every product or service is). But when you want results, focusing your attention is critical to your sustained success.

So, where should you focus your attention and how can you optimise each page? Read on to find out!

First, a Lesson in OptimiZation

We all know what the word optimisation means, but what does it mean when it comes to website pages? It’s not always about inserting keywords (search engine optimisation) or even implementing tactics that will improve conversions (conversion rate optimization).

And when we say optimise the 4 most important pages on your site, we mean:

Focus on the User – Content on each of the pages we discuss below should be created with your specific user in mind. By looking at how users get to your site, what they want to learn, and what problems they need solving is a great place to begin your SEO optimization efforts. Focus on Your Goals – What do you want your potential customer to do on each page? Position your calls-to-action, links, and content on these goals. Focus on the Journey – Few (if any) users land on your site by chance. In fact, most will come to your site and each page for a reason. Where is each user at in their buyer journey? Consider this question to optimise successfully!

Now, let’s move on to each page and what you should do in terms of optimisation!

1. The Home Page

This is the most obvious of all the pages, especially because it’s the first page most users will see when they land on your site! Your primary goal on any home page should be to direct users to the next logical page in their buying journey. To do so, you should:

Create a Standout Headline – Headlines are often the first thing your users read. Make yours bold and catchy to capture the attention of your users. Direct Traffic – The area above the fold (i.e. before the user has to scroll) on your home page is prime real estate. Direct traffic to pages efficiently and you can move buyers through your sales funnel more effectively. Create an Attention-Grabbing – Call-to-action buttons should be a bold colour to grab attention and direct traffic with ease.

2. The About Page

Your About page is the second most important page on your site. Customers will visit this page to determine whether or not your business and history is worth trusting, playing an important role in building relationships.

To optimise your About page, there are 2 main suggestions to keep in mind:

Keep it Succinct – Customers want to have any questions they’ve developed in their mind answered, but they don’t want to search through paragraph after paragraph searching for answers. Keep your About page as to-the-point and succinct as possible. Create a CTA – You shouldn’t just provide information on your About page, you should redirect traffic to another page once users have found the information they were looking for.

3. The Blog

Did you know marketers who have prioritised blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI? Now you do, but not all blogs are created equal. To optimise your eCommerce blog, there are a few steps you can take:

Keep it Organised – Users will come to your blog to find information on a range of different topics. By categorising them appropriately, you can make it simple for users to find the information they’re looking for. Pack in the CTAs – You’re providing value to blog users in the form of free guidance, information, or entertainment. By including CTAs in the posts, you can engage and connect with users and get them to subscribe for future updates or information.

4. The Contact Page

Most companies mistakenly think that the contact page is only for the contact information and no other content. However, there’s more to an eCommerce contact page than just the information itself:

Put Information Above the Fold – Again, don’t make the user go hunting for information! If they’re on the contact page, they’re ready to make a move and you don’t want to complicate the process. Make Contacting You Simple – Don’t just list out your email address; create a form so users don’t have to leave the page to contact you. Remember, it’s about making things as simple as possible so you don’t lose potential leads.

eCommerce SEO Optimization Just Got Simpler

If you’ve been focusing your attention in all the wrong places, the suggestions above make it simpler than ever to optimise key areas of your site and keep your users engaged with your brand.

When you’re ready to take your optimiZation efforts a step further. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your own personalised optimsiation strategy to engage and build relationships with leads. We look forward to speaking with you!

Key Takeaways

Optimization means focusing on the user, your goals, and the buyer journey to create website pages that engage, intrigue, and prompt users to take action. Optimize your home page with clear headlines, h1 Tags CTAs, and guidance that directs users where you want them to go. Keep your about page succinct and include a CTA to optimise it properly. Organise blog posts by category and include CTAs on each individual post to build your email list and gather leads. Put your contact information above the fold and include a contact form so potential leads can easily contact your brand.

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